Jennifer Lawrence Describes Mystique In 'X-Men: First Class'

We've seen some images of James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence on the set of X-Men: First Class. But they revealed little but the basic period dress sported by their characters, Charles Xavier and Raven Darkholme, the latter being the 'real' name for the character Mystique, originally played by Rebecca Romijn in the first three X-Men films.

What we haven't seen is any indication of whether this film's version of the characters like Magneto and Mystique will conform very closely to the previous film incarnations. Now, thanks to comments made by Jennifer Lawrence, we've got a good idea of the sort of continuity we can expect to see.

Jeff Wells spoke to Jennifer Lawrence over the weekend, and while we don't have direct quotes from him at this point, he paraphrases her description of the makeup process:

Only 10% of her screen time will be as Mystique, she said. It takes X-Men makeup artists about six hours to transform her into Mystique with the blue skins and the scales, she added. (She has a nickname for the process or the makeup or whatever — "Mystink.") I asked if official photos have been taken, and she said the idea was to keep her appearance under wraps until just before the film's release.

There was no reason to expect that the blue-skinned, somewhat scaled version of Mystique in the previous films would be discarded. But given that this film takes place in a significantly earleir time period with an all-new cast playing familiar characters, it seems foolish to make any specific assumptions.