'Jackass 3.5' Not Coming To Theaters, Hits DVD In January

After Jackass 3D's record breaking opening weekend, there was talk that Jackass 3.5, a whole separate movie of stunts shot for – but cut out of – Jackass 3D, might make its way to theaters. That idea has reportedly been nixed and Jackass 3.5, featuring about an hour of new footage that couldn't fit into the theatrical release, will hit DVD and online in January. Much like Jackass 2.5 before it, it will not be an extra on the eventual DVD release of the theatrical film but will, instead, but a totally separate movie. We've got more after the break.

Virtually all of the Jackass guys – Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Wee-Man and more – talked about 3.5 during press for Jackass 3D, currently in theaters. Steve-O, for example, mentioned not only that they cut out a gag where Will the Farter shot a blowgun at his face, but I also recollect hearing that they cut a gag where things were dropped on guys from planes.

"Oh, God! There's a lot of good stuff," Knoxville told MTV. "Just the three-minute, four-minute bit on [Chris] Pontius' penis. All the different things we tried with his wang. It's hilarious. And 'Incredible Nut Shots,' we spent more time on that than any bit we've ever shot. That turned out really good. The 'Slip and Bow,' where we pranked the guys, they were on a super slippery surface as bowling pins, and the Street Bike Tommy comes down and takes them all out, and they think that's the bit, but no. [We] had a remote-control helicopter built with paintball guns on it, and they kind of can't get away."

Obviously, then, there's got to be another reason why the theatrical release was nixed and I have a guess: the 3D itself. Director Jeff Tremaine has spoken about the fact that while 80% of the film was shot in 3D, 20% of it was not. And since it's Jackass 3D after all, it's safe to assume all the best 3D stuff went into the film. So maybe it was decided that the 3D stuff in 3.5 was more Clash of the Titans than Avatar or that it was going to be too expensive to finish a whole other theatrical feature in 3D. That's purely optimistic speculation, but if Paramount really decided the 3D wasn't up to par, that's a nice thought about the future of 3D.

Does it matter to you that Jackass 3.5 won't be released in theaters? Did you ever think it was actually going to get a theatrical release? And will you pick up the disc or just Netflix it?

Source: MTV, Moviefone