What Actor Has Taken The Mel Gibson Role In 'The Hangover 2'?

This is a pretty brief update, but in the interest of playing along with spoiler-phobes who were irritated that we gave away the planned Mel Gibson cameo in The Hangover 2, I'll keep the new info after the break. (Mostly, that is. It's in the URL, so don't...look...up!) Click on to find out who the 'new' Mel Gibson is...

THR says that Liam Neeson has been handed the role of a tattoo artist, which the trade says has been described as 'pivotal.' That makes sense, as the Mike Tyson role in the original Hangover was pivotal as well, in both a story and marketing sense. The site says that Bradley Cooper, Mr. Neeson's A-Team co-star, helped bring him on board to play a character that has been described as "crazy" and "someone you're afraid to talk to."

(This development comes after some of the actors' displeasure over the casting of Mel Gibson prompted his dismissal. So the cast taketh away, and then the cast giveth. Lesson learned: don't piss off the cast of The Hangover.)

THR doesn't know if the script will be revised to accommodate the personality differences between Mel Gibson and Liam Neeson.