Tron Legacy Viral: New Package From Flynn Lives And ArcadeAid V2

It has been a while since we've gotten anything from the Tron Legacy viral. A new package addressed from the Flynn Lives organization arrived at /Film HQ this morning containing some kind of plastic beard art-created creature, the word OUT running with human arms and legs (as seen above). I'm not sure what this could possibly mean. Is this a logo to an 80's video game I don't recognize from my childhood? Is it a hint?

Update: People in the comments and on twitter have quickly informed me it is a reference to the game "Outrun".

The note in the box (which can be seen after the jump) reads as follows: "The Game is far from over... see you on the grid. — Zack" and then the bottom of the black note has the ARCADE AID logo along with the url. If you go to the website you will notice that Version 2 of the Game Challenging Stage has been unlocked. 167 games are hidden in the city, and must be found to unlock the next stage of this viral. Maybe you guys can help solve it?