Warner Brothers Wants An 'Inception' Sequel, Here Are Five Ideas

A report has surfaced stating Warner Brothers wants to make a sequel to Inception. In other news, Fox would allow James Cameron to make another Titanic and Universal would really like it if Steven Spielberg made another E.T. Hey Quentin! Miramax would totally love you to make Pulp Fiction 2! George, let's make a prequel to Star Wars! Oh, wait.

In all seriousness, Christopher Nolan has pretty much stated that he's done with this world and while Warner Brothers could technically do one without him, do you really think they'd risk the chance of pissing off the man behind their most successful movie ever, The Dark Knight? Inception comes to Blu-ray on December 7 so conversations about its intricacies are about to start up again. So maybe now is the time, if there ever was one, to hypothesize about ways to tell more stories in this world.

The report of Warner Brothers wanting the sequel came from What's Playing whose source said "All interest is on the studio side." And I think, for true fans of Nolan's, that's probably the universal feeling. We understand that a sequel would make money but that's not what made the first film so good. Other than the Batman films, Christopher Nolan is known for either coming up with or finding original stories to tell us and he has no reason to taint that reputation. Expanding the story of Leonard in Memento or following the world of The Prestige after the fire would only cheapen the originals.

But, let's surmise that Warner Brothers – somehow – decides to do another Inception. Pretend it's a foregone conclusion. Here are five ways that it might go.

  • The Obvious Sequel – Cobb's story continues. The totem doesn't fall and he continues to try and get out of the dream world.
  • The Spin-off/Prequel – Tom Hardy's character, Eames, is the main character and we see his earlier interactions with Cobb and learn more about forging. (I pick Eames out of everyone else because Tom Hardy was, obviously, the breakout star.)
  • The Twist – It's revealed that Ariadne (Ellen Page) is actually the master, best extractor of all time and the first film was all in a masterful play of inception on Cobb. We follow her down her path on another mission.
  • The Obvious Prequel – We follow Cobb as he, much like Ariadne in the first film, finds out about dream worlds, extractions and more and slowly becomes the best one out there.
  • The Family Drama – The totem falls and it's revealed Cobb made it! We then have to watch two and a half hours of family drama as he struggles with rebuilding the trust of his children who haven't seen him in years.
  • What about you? Do you have any ideas that might work or is it totally 100% sacrilegious to even consider a sequel to Inception?