Cool Stuff: Concert Posters For Fictional Bands

While fictional bands like Spinal Tap get all the love, others like The Beets, Jesse and the Rippers, Drive Shaft and Dr. Funke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution are regularly shunned. That's probably because Spinal Tap actually performs while the others are composed of actors or animations in well known television series, but that doesn't mean fans can't subtly celebrate their love of Doug, Full House, Lost or even Arrested Development with these clever concert posters by Fernando Reza. His Tuned In Series is now on sale and you can see all four prints and get links to purchase them after the break.

Each one of these posters is an 11 x 17 hand signed and numbered edition of 50 and are available at Fro Design Co for $25 a piece or $75 for the set. Thanks to The Daily What for the heads up.

These are all quite cool, especially with the subtle little nods to each show in the fine print and in the title. Reza's website also has some nice Nintendo, Harry Potter and other Lost prints up for sale too.

Speaking of posters for fictional things, though, I'm still waiting for the Angels Live In My Town Brock Landers poster visible for a half a second in the video warehouse in Boogie Nights to become available. That's my holy grail of fictional movie/concert art. Hook a brother up, PTA! What about you guys?