Ep. 120 - Never Let Me Go

This week, Peter Sciretta, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley praise Frank Darabont's The Walking Dead, discuss the groundbreaking 3D of Jackass 3D, and lambaste the MPAA's ridiculous Blue Valentine NC-17 rating.

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What We've Been Watching

  • Peter Sciretta (02:04): The Walking Dead, Back to the Future
  • David Chen (12:52): Wicked
  • Adam (15:52): Jackass 3D, Red
  • News Discussion

  • (38:04) The Weinstein Company to Appeal Blue Valentine's NC-17 Rating
  • (43:30) How To Train Your Dragon to Become TV Series and Sequel
  • (51:20) Marvel and ABC Developing Live-Action Incredible Hulk
  • (53:30) David Fincher's Proposed One-Shot Opening to The Social Network
  • Featured Review

  • (1:03:24) Never Let Me Go
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