New Images From 'Conan' Make The Film Look...Rather Good?

We've seen a lot of photos from Conan, the Marcus Nispel-directed reboot of the film incarnation of Robert E. Howard's storied character. Many of the photos have been, well, not so well received. Which is why I was surprised to cast eyes on the new batch of images, which make the film look far more rich and, at the very least, visually interesting than what we've seen before.

Bleeding Cool got these new snaps, which almost make the film appear to be pushing into Tarsem's territory. It isn't quite that rich or fantastic, but there's a lot of detail and care evident in these sets. Why did it take so long for these pics to get out?Conan is being pushed through the 3D post-conversion process right now, which is a shame, and will be released early next year. See some more snaps at the link above, and see if you can pick out Rose McGowan in these images I've provided.