Bumblebee Crashes Into Real Police SUV On 'Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon' Set


Director Michael Bay and his Transformers movies just can't catch a break. Who could forget when star Shia LaBeouf got badly injured making Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Or when a female extra was left with brain damage after an accident during filming of the third film in Chicago? (She recently filed a lawsuit against the production.) Well, the hits just keep on coming. Literally. Monday afternoon, a Washington D.C. police officer responding to an emergency call narrowly missed crashing into Optimus Prime before slamming into Bumblebee on the set of the Transformers: The Dark of the Moon and it was beautifully caught on tape by a local news team. We've got the video and details after the jump but there's no word if the Decpticons were behind the accident.

The video was shot by MyFoxDC who was on the scene. They reported that the police officer, a "25-year veteran senior explosive ordinance technician," was not supposed to be on the set, sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. He was responding to an emergency call to inspect a suspicious package and was obviously not on the same radio frequency as the Autobots...or the film crew.

The police department released the following statement:

Earlier today, a MPD marked cruiser responding to an emergency assignment, collided with a vehicle involved in the filming of a movie at Third Street and Maryland Avenue, SW. The officer sustained minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital. No civilian injuries have been reported. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the facts of the crash and filming of this movie on closed DC city streets has been suspended until safety procedures can be reviewed.

With all the madness surrounding filming, we're just glad Bay and his crew didn't blow up a spaceship or anything. All kidding aside, the production does seem to have a weird aura around it, doesn't it?

Thanks to /Film readers Oh snap! and Boo-ya for the heads up.