POTD: The Female Character Flowchart

No matter where I go recently, I can't avoid discussions about the role of the female in film. Allegations of sexism in The Social Network are just the latest in a long line of controversial conversations taking place on message boards, in film schools and bars across the country. Wasn't it a travesty that Kathryn Bigelow's Oscar win for Best Director was the first ever for a woman? Why are there rarely any round female characters in Christopher Nolan films or Pixar movies? The list goes on and on. Well, the website Overthinking It has taken many of these questions and broken them down into an elaborate flow chart highlighting all the various cliched two dimensional female characters. It's mostly a joke, but it's also kind of not. You've gotta check it out the full version after the jump.


Almost every female character from comic books, to television to new films, classic films, animation and more are represented in the above chart. And on Overthinking It they are quick to make several different declarations before they unveil the fruits of their labor. Some of the examples are:

If you're a writer and you find that one of your characters fits one of the categories on this chart, there's no need to panic (or start yelling at me)! Two-dimensional characters are the backbone of fiction, especially fantasy fiction and most comedies.

Or something like:

Obviously, this chart in no way applies that there aren't male stereotypes out there in the pop culture ether.  There are.  Obviously. But it seems like Hollywood has a significantly harder time writing non-stereotypical female characters than male ones, so I made this chart to help out.

So, obviously the creators have a sense of humor about their flowchart while, at the same time, acknowledging the issues it brings up.

Do you feel this chart is fair in its assessments? Do you think you'd actually use it when writing a story or screenplay?