Anne Thompson's Hans Zimmer Interviews

If you've been reading /Film for a while now, then you know I love long form interviews. The normal 10-minute junket interview doesn't allow for much exploration, and sadly that is becoming the norm now-a-days. I always try to highlight the better long form interviews available online (be it a film festival discussion, Charlie Rose, or what not).

This weekend, Indiewire's Anne Thompson posted her 25-minute interview with composer Hans Zimmer, who talks about his work on Christopher Nolan's Inception. And because we didn't post it the first time around, I've also embedded Thompson's 30-minute interview with Zimmer from Sherlock Holmes, which features an awesome in-depth tour of the composer's Santa Monica studio (if you havent seen this, you must check it out).

Inception Interview:

Part One: Anxious about the live concert, coming up with surprises for the DVD, working on James Brooks' How Do You Know.

Part Two: The technology of slowing down the Edith Piaf song:

Part Three: Translating the electronic score into an orchestral one; on being compared to Bernard Herrmann and described as "minimalist."

Part Four: Oscar eligibility issues.

Part 5: The slowed down Je Ne Regrette Rien:

Sherlock Holmes Interview / Studio Tour (from last year)

Part One: The Tour.

Part Two: Sherlock Holmes.

Part Three: Sherlock Holmes, diversity in his work.

Part Four: He plays the Sherlock Holmes theme.

Part Five: Composing so many scores, It's Complicated.

Part Six: The Dark Knight and Heath Ledger's The Joker.

Part Seven: Zimmer plays along with Sherlock Holmes, and talks about collaborating with directors like Guy Ritchie.

Anne Thompson is the editor of Indiewire, you can find more of her work on that website.