Movie Trailer: 'Red Eagle', Thailand's Own Dark, Gritty Superhero

Every country needs its own dark, gritty superhero. Thailand may already have a few (I'll confess ignorance there) but now there's one more: The Red Eagle, who stars in a movie that looks a bit like The Dark Knight, The Green Hornet and a few other things thrown together. Watch the trailer after the break.

I think the thing I like most here, far more than the basic violent anti-hero setup or the rather Timur Bekmambetov-looking aesthetic, is the design of what appears to be the villain. Because he looks an awful like The Reaper, aka the guy that fought Batman in the Alan Davis and Todd McFarlane-drawn Batman: Year Two. Not really the high water mark for the early years of Bats, that story. But the design is sure good enough to end up in this film.

Here's the official synopsis:

A nuclear power plant is about to be commissioned upon the signing of corrupt and power hungry politicians. The citizens are in frenzy, as they oppose this plan but they cannot do a thing about it. And so, a hero was born, chasing down the criminals and the corrupt, killing of whatever threatens the city's well being. He leaves a card with his name simply as "THE RED EAGLE". However, the hero becomes the hunted, when the politicians send out their best defense, known as "THE BLACK DEMON".