Tom Cruise And Jack Nicholson Could Reunite In The Comedy 'El Presidente'

This could be pretty tasty: Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, whose 1992 onscreen interaction previously produced one of the most recognizable and oft-quoted scenes in movie history, may work together again. In a comedy, no less.

A Few Good Men was almost twenty years ago, but the quotable power of the courtroom showdown between Cruise and Nicholson hasn't begun to fade from public memory. So, despite the fact that Cruise's star has fallen significantly in the past few years, I can see lingering favor towards their last pairing being enough to put asses in seats, should they team again.

The LA Times says that Cruise is attached to one of two lead roles in El Presidente, a script by Dan Goor (writer for The Daily Show and Late Night With Conan O'Brien) about "a dedicated Secret Service agent assigned to protect a bumbling and degenerate ex-president."

Cruise would be the agent, and Warner Bros. has put an offer out to Jack Nicholson to play the ex-president.

The Wrap reported on WB's purchase of the script yesterday, describing it in more explicit terms:

The story follows an overly-committed Secret Service agent who is assigned to guard the country's worst former president, a bumbling sleaze. It's a mundane and boring job — until there's a threat made on the ex-president's life, forcing the duo to go on the run together.

The Wrap also teased the possibility of big names coming together on the film, saying"a major A-list movie star [and one of ]his Oscar-winning former co-stars (last seen in a WB movie)" were circling or of interest. Nicholson's last two films, The Departed and The Bucket List, were both from WB. (Though his next, the James L. Brooks-directed How Do You Know, is Sony.)

Cruise's attachment has come just in the past twenty-four hours, then, and Nicholson hasn't yet accepted the offer. One or both could fall away, at which point this could go from being a big star vehicle to more of a character comedy. But if both bite, then it might move forward rather fast.