Dianna Agron, Georgina Haig And Dominique McElligott Candidates For 'Spider-Man' Love Interests; Early Talk Of Venom's Return

Emma Stone and Mia Wasikowska aren't the only actresses Sony is considering for the love interest(s) in the rebooted Spider-Man. While they are two of the names who have tested or talked with the studio, Sony is also looking at Dianna Agron (Glee), Georgina Haig (Wasted on the Young) and Dominique McElligott (Moon).

In addition, this latest report provides some scant info on the character breakdown for the film.

Deadline says that all the actresses whose names have come up in recent weeks are testing for the "roles of Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker's first love, and Mary Jane Watson, who became his later love." That's what we'd assumed, but this is the closest thing we've had to actual confirmation, and the only detail we've had on how the two characters might play into the story.

The site says that these five actresses are the 'main contenders,' but that another one or two names might be added to the shortlist over the next couple weeks. Dianna Agron has her Glee schedule to contend with, and Mia Wasikowska was said to be only vaguely interested in the role. Emma Stone still seems like the best contender for Mary Jane Watson, and all of the remaining four are good contenders for Gwen Stacy.

And here's the kicker: Deadline ends the report with 'early unconfirmed talk' that pegs the villain as a returning Venom...with eyes on Philip Seymour Hoffman to play him. Say what?