Big Rumor: Is 'Mad Men' The First Step In Mel Gibson's Path To Career Rehab?

Briefly: That headline presupposes, of course, that Mel Gibson even needs career rehab in the wake of his taped rants that were inescapable for a few weeks earlier this summer. Polls have suggested that no one really looks differently at Gibson now and that they'd still go see his movies. And Jodie Foster, who recently directed Gibson in The Beaver, supports him. (Does this mean The Beaver might hit theaters after all?)

But long-running gossip hound Liz Smith (i.e.: warning!) says that Gibson has been meeting with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner about the chance of a guest role in the show's fifth season. Smith says Gibson is a fan of the series (not so unique) and that he wants in (not so unique among actors) and says that third-hand sources have it that Weiner sees dramatic potential in a Mel Gibson / Don Draper matchup. Which is certainly true; Gibson can still be a powerful screen presence, and it would be great fun to see him on the show. Doesn't mean it is going to happen, though. Treat this notion with caution. [Liz Smith via Collider]