Emily Blunt Attached To Star In 'Engagement Games'

Move over Bride Wars, you have competition.

The film is Engagement Games (previously titled Wedding Games), and it's a comedy about "three sisters who get engaged at once and will stop at nothing to get their mother's wedding ring." But wait, there's more! "The dad settles the dispute with a game of 'Family Olympics.'"

Why as talented an actress as Emily Blunt would lower herself to star in such a film, I'm not sure, but I hope she's getting a big paycheck out of it.

Pajiba reports that the movie is being developed by Columbia, with a script written by Rachel Specter and Audrey Wauchope, both of whom are actresses with no former writing credits to their name.

Might I suggest another title, one which better suits Hollywood's perverse desire for gimmicky wordplay? Columbia, I present to you: Rules of EnGAMEment. Yes, yes, I know. No need to thank me. Of course, Paypal is fine.

Emily Blunt can next be seen in Gulliver's Travels, starring opposite a very large Jack Black. Again I ask: Why?

Scratch that, we know the answer. Fox held an option on Blunt that was part of her deal when she starred in The Devil Wears Prada, so it wasn't a voluntary choice on her part. And sadly, it was because of those contractual obligations that she wasn't able to star in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers as Black Widow.

This makes it all the stranger that Emily Blunt would come aboard a movie like this so soon after turning down the role of Peggy Carter in The First Avenger: Captain America. Surely Captain America offers a more rewarding, empowering character for Blunt to tackle? Or was this one of the other projects she was "close to signing"? It's possible she might've passed in order to maintain a secure relationship with either the studio or the filmmakers. If so, this would be the second comic book property in a row that Blunt had to pass on due to prior commitments to mainstream studio drivel. Unfortunate, to say the least.