Leslie Mann Joins Olivia Wilde And Ryan Reynolds In 'The Change-Up'

The body-switching comedy is a minor sub-genre that will never die. Every five years or so we're bound to get a new story in which two people switch bodies so that hilarity may ensue. They may be a pair that are young and old, male and female, or hot and... not hot. In the case of The Change-Up, the situation is more or less the latter. And now the film boasts Leslie Mann (who was just in an age-regression movie, close cousin to the body swap setup) among the other cast members as it prepares to roll cameras.

Granted, the think about this particular set-up is that it might be a bit difficult to believe the hot/ugly body-switching thing when the two guys swapping bodies are Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. Because Bateman isn't exactly ugly, you see... anyway.

Bateman wants to hook up with Olivia Wilde's character, and after he switches corporeal-ness with Reynolds, is able to achieve this. One expects this leads to some grand life lesson. The Wrap says that Leslie Mann will be the female lead, which could be a way of saying her character is married to Bateman's. There are clues to this deep mystery in the next paragraph.

The site's plot recap goes like this:

The story follows a family man (Bateman) who accidentally swaps bodies with his best friend (Reynolds), who is a single, slacker actor. Their windows into each others' lives gives them a new appreciation for their own.

David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers) is directing, and with that cast he could be able to turn out another solid bit of entertainment. I'd hope that it might go a bit more light on the important life lessons, but as long as the first couple acts are breezy and fun I can live with the characters all growing in the end.