Godzilla Will Face Other Monsters In Legendary's Planned Reboot

Earlier this year, Legendary Pictures announced that the company is in development on a new Godzilla film. The best part of that news release was that Legendary seems determined to not repeat the mistakes of the forgettable 1998 film directed by Roland Emmerich.

The new film is still without a director, and we don't know very much about what Legendary really plans to do. But a chap with a camera recently caught up with producer Brian Rogers, who talked a bit about what the plans are for Godzilla's next American incarnation. Among the details: the classic monster will square off against at least one other creature, and perhaps more.

Bleeding Cool first presented the video below, in which producer Brian Rogers drops a great many info bites about Legendary's planned Godzilla film.

Among the notes are:

  • 2012 is a targeted release date, but not set in stone.
  • Confirms (again) that the sculpted Godzilla head mock-up that made the rounds a while back was indeed unrelated to the film.
  • Rogers originally came on board when Japanese producers had rights to do an IMAX 3D Godzilla film.
  • In 2007, during the development of that film, Rogers pushed for a digital 3D film in non-IMAX format, thanks to the increasing prevalence of 3D in regular theaters.
  • Legendary wanted to get involved, "seemed to be the perfect home for" Godzilla.
  • Legendary wants to do a 'complete reboot' and pay homage to the original Godzilla and "not make the same decisions that Sony did" for the '98 film.
  • Likens it to Legendary's approach with Batman Begins.
  • "I can safely say there will be other monster, or monsters, that Godzilla will fight." Not having another monster was a 'drawback' in the Sony film.
  • This will be a live-action film with CGI Godzilla.