Cool Stuff: New Mondo 'Star Wars' Bounty Hunter Posters - Wave One

Another week, another amazing Star Wars print by Mondo. Or should we say "prints?" This time, Mondo will be releasing a set of three 8-10 color, 12 x 36 screenprints featuring some of your favorite secondary bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back. Artist Ken Taylor has immortalized Bossk, IG-88 and Zuckuss in painstakingly beautiful detail and you'll be able to buy them all on Tuesday September 21. Plus, if you pick these up, a second series will coming soon after and those who own this set will get the first crack at them. Hit the jump to check out the full versions of Bounty Hunters Wave One and find out the best way to grab one of the 425 sets that will be made. Thanks to JoBlo for the exclusive. Each of those posters is individual, but they will be sold as a set.


If I had any room on my walls, these would be an instant buy. It's my second favorite release from the Star Wars line so far, right behind Dan McCarthy's "Hoth" and right above the Todd Slater Yoda print called "Great Warrior."

The prints will go on sale at a random time on Tuesday September 21 so you'll either have to F5 the Mondo website or follow their Twitter very carefully. The prints sell out in anywhere from 5-15 minutes each so be very diligent. Be aware, though, that because of the size, quantity and the detail of the screenprint, these are a little more pricey than previous releases: $85 for the set.