Disney To Release 'Beauty And The Beast Sing-A-Long' For Two Nights Only, But Not In 3D?

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme. A studio re-releases a hugely successful property back into theaters to milk the audience for every extra dollar they can. Recent examples include 20th Century Fox with Avatar and Star Wars, Paramount with Grease and now Disney is doing it with the 1991 classic Beauty and the Beast. Like with Grease, though, this re-release encourages you to belt out the lyrics to your favorite songs like "Be Our Guest" and "Gaston" as this is a sing-a-long event! The Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long will hit select theaters for two nights only, September 29 and October 2. Hit the jump for more information on what the future has in store for Beauty and the Beast.

While the sing-a-long is surely a fan pleasing cash grab, it will also help promote the Diamond Edition Blu-ray that hits stores on October 5 with an impressive list of extras. Some of the highlights include three versions of the film, such as the mythic storyboard version that played the New York Film Festival, a new documentary called Beyond Beauty, deleted scenes, features on the Broadway show and much more. Check out the trailer.

Then, of course, there's the imminent 3D release that was supposed to come out on Valentine's Day 2010, got bumped to 2011 and now is rumored to be slated for 2012. Out of all of the releases of Beauty and the Beast, this is the one I'm most excited for. At the Disney panel at San Diego Comic Con 2009, they showed the opening of the film in 3D along with some other clips and it literally brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it was because I was transported back to being a Disney crazed 11-year-old boy, but the perfect 3D paired with the amazing music was simply dazzling. Again, here's the trailer.

But before all that, there's this Sing-A-Long version. Tickets are already on sale at many theaters via Fandango or other ticket web sites. And if you are in Los Angeles, the film will be getting an extended run from September 24-Oct. 7 at the El Capitan Theatre, Disney's flagship location. That's where you'll find me: crying my eyes out and singing my little heart out.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter