Guillermo Del Toro Developing Projects For DreamWorks Animation And Television

To call Guillermo del Toro "prolific" becomes more of an understatement each and every day. He's got Julia's Eyes at the Toronto Film Festival and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark coming out early next year. Then he's attached to co-write/produce The Haunted Mansion and direct At the Mountains of Madness with James Cameron producing. And don't forget that he was developing The Hobbit too before that turned into a mess.

Now, the director of Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy has revealed he spends time each week at DreamWorks Animation developing upcoming projects and is even working on cable themed television content that hasn't yet to be announced. Read more after the jump.

In an interview with Collider at the Toronto Film Festival, del Toro said that he spends every single Tuesday for the past few months at DreamWorks Animation and acts as a creative consultant on several specific projects. He helps out with some things, be it design or story, and other things he's executive producing and developing. None of those projects have been announced yet.

He also speaks about how, in the next 5-10 years, storytellers are going to need to be well versed in all types of media including video games, television and more. To prepare himself, he's trying to learn about them all. On the topic of television specifically, del Toro says "we are developing stuff that has yet to be announced" and only elaborated to say that the stuff is not network friendly.

Whether you like del Toro's movies or hate them (though I'd venture to guess most of the people who read /Film feel some affection towards them) you have to respect him for being so hands on with so many projects simultaneously and also for being forward thinking when it comes to filmmaking. It seems most film producers, and studios in particular, are reactionary instead of innovative when it comes to making movies and to watch an interview like this and hear del Toro gush about projects we don't know anything about yet, is just another reason why he is on an elite list of geek gods in 2010.

So, let the speculation begin. What projects might del Toro be working on at DreamWorks? And what is your dream del Toro television show?