Teaser Trailer: Uwe Boll's Auschwitz

Wow, this is troubling.

The above screencap is from a teaser trailer for an upcoming Uwe Boll film entitled Auschwitz. In it, Uwe Boll plays a German officer guarding an Auschwitz gas chamber. Hit the jump to see the entire teaser for the film, but please note that it is strictly NSFW.

A site called Ninja Dixon (via Twitch) purports to have a quote from Boll describing his vision for the film:

It's in the tradition of my movies Stoic, Darfur, Rampage, Tunnelrats, Heart of America...it shows Auschwitz as this what it was: a meatplant for humans...a death factory.

For those who have no idea what he's talking about, Boll is referring to some of the other, rarely-seen films in his filmography. What follows is the teaser. Prepare to be disturbed.

It feels like everyone on the internet is collectively already piling onto this one, and why shouldn't they? Boll is responsible for execrable creations such as Alone in the Dark, Postal, and the Bloodrayne films. For many years, he's been unwittingly destroying videogames as a credible source of cinematic adaptations and appears to be delusional about the extent of his own directorial capabilities. How could Uwe Boll possibly make a respectable film detailing the atrocities of the Holocaust? Should he even be allowed to try? How WAS he allowed to try?

The trailer itself is extremely disturbing and I'd dare say effective. Judged on its own merits, the teaser conveys the horrors of Auschwitz with some graphic imagery and quasi-decent editing. But attach Boll's name to it and the picture changes a bit.

I always try to withhold judgment (even if I frequently fail to do so) until I see the finished product . I will, however, venture a guess that the likelihood that this film will handle the story of Auschwitz with skill and subtlety is probably pretty low. What do you guys think?