Tron Legacy Soundtrack Website Launches

Briefly: There's not a lot to report here yet, but the website for Daft Punk's soundtrack to Tron Legacy has launched. (EDIT: I was sent some info suggesting that this may be yet another fake Daft Punk / Tron product, but Disney PR says it is real.)

The primary benefit of this event is not the mailing list for which you can sign up, which will presumably deliver info about the soundtrack. No, it's the one track that loops as the background music for the site. We've heard snippets of it in the trailers, but if you're as hungry for the new Daft Punk material as I am, this could be the best thing to score your workday. I've been looping the track for over an hour now, and it's a great subliminal addition to the afternoon. There's no place on the site to beg for a vinyl release, so I'll just do that here: please, Disney, let's have this one on wax. [Pitchfork]