New Clip And International Poster: 'Let Me In'

We don't post a lot of clips these days. Mostly because I (and Peter, I believe) try to avoid watching them, so as not to spoil films any more than necessary before we see them. So why am I posting this clip from Let Me In? Because it's part of what we were shown at Comic Con this year, and was very helpful in convincing me that this is a movie to be taken seriously. Hopefully some of you might feel the same.

In addition, there's a really nice new French poster for the film, which you can see after the break.

The clip was initially revealed through small viral puzzle on the film's official site. In the clip, we see Richard Jenkins as the caretaker of the vampiric girl Abby (Chloe Moretz) as he tries to gather food for his charge. This is a scene that takes place a bit into the film, after we've already seen one successful hunting trip.

At Comic Con, director Matt Reeves referenced Dial M For Murder when introducing this scene, saying that he attempted to capture the same sense of rooting for the bad guy, even as his plans go wrong, that audiences often experience when watching the attempted murder of Grace Kelly in that film. This clip doesn't show quite as much as we caught at Comic Con, but you should get the idea.

The tone of this scene is super-creepy and perfectly balanced. Jenkins is great, and the editing really makes it all work. Blue Oyster Cult (in this case, the song 'Burning For You') doesn't hurt.

The new French poster is below. Click it for a super-size version. And in related news, I know that yesterday Tyler Stout did a lottery sales system to distribute copies of his Let the Right One In poster that we highlighted a week ago. Hopefully a couple of you managed to nab one, if you were interested.