Soundtrack Details For Sofia Coppola's 'Somewhere'; Coppola Talks About The Genesis Of The Film

We've seen a trailer and clip from Sofia Coppola's new movie Somewhere, but with festival season approaching and the film making a debut at the Venice Film festival in a week or so, the picture remains a bit of a mystery.

But now we know a little bit more, thanks in part to a recent interview with Coppola, who talks about the genesis of the film. There's also a soundtrack lineup so you can get some idea of the tone of the film based on this collection of songs. All the info is after the break.

In an interview with MTV, Coppola talks about the genesis of the film, the relationship between Somewhere and the current tabloid culture of Los Angeles, and the reason Stephen Dorff was cast.

I think it started with wanting to write about Los Angeles, and I was living in Paris at the time. So thinking about Los Angeles, this character came into mind, that Stephen Dorff plays, and then I wanted to do a portrait of this guy and it took its shape from there. And then the character of his daughter came after, and that evolved into kind of the father/daughter part of the story.

Thinking there was a lack of films that really capture modern LA on film (Greenberg wasn't out yet, and does take a different angle from Somewhere) Coppola wanted to set the film in the Chateau Marmont, which plays into the current tabloid culture of LA. But being out of that culture is, in part, what attracted Coppola to Stephen Dorff.

I think he's a really talented actor and he has a lot of heart and sweetness that I thought was important for this role. And it's nice to see someone that's not in a million movies every year. You don't know everything about their personal life and all that.

Before getting to the tracklist of the soundtrack, here's a bit of info about the contribution from the band Phoenix. At one point it sounded as if Somewhere might contain a whole lot of new score cues from the band, but now it's sounding as if they produced rather less than 'a whole lot.' In an interview with MTV, guitarist Christian Mazzalai said,

She asked us to do some music, very in the spirit of 'Love Like a Sunset,' so we tried to put that track and elements of the track in the movie, and it worked well...And then we wrote very small pieces of " music, very minimal music for the movie too. ... We're very proud of it.

Here's the full soundtrack listing for Somewhere, via

Love Like a Sunset Part I (Phoenix)

Ghandi Fix (William Storkson)

My Hero (Foo Fighters)

So Lonely (The Police)

1 Thing (Amerie)

20th Century Boy (T.Rex)

Cool (Gwen Stefani)

Che si fa (Paolo Jannacci)

Cool (Gwen Stefani)

Teddy Bear (Romulo)

Love Theme From Kiss (Kiss)

I'll Try Anything Once (The Strokes)

Look (Sebastian Tellier)

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Bryan Ferry)

Massage Music (William Storkson)

Love Like A Sunset Part II (Phoenix)

Here's an embed of 'Love Like a Sunset', the excellent Phoenix track that provided the impetus for the film's music: