POTD: Creepy Realistic-Looking Yoda Cake

I've seen a lot of Star Wars-inspired cakes in my day, but none more realistic than this creepy Yoda head cake. 35-year-old tchitwood sculpted the cake out of red velvet cake, Rice Krispies treats and fondant. tchitwood writes on Instructables:

I'm an artist who recently has gotten into cake decorating and have fallen in love with it! I'm currently taking the beginner cake decorating classes and hoping to land a job at a bakery. I decided to try making my first sculpted cake and chose Yoda as the subject. It was so much fun and I've found my passion! This is a red velvet cake (with rice krispie treats for the ears) covered in fondant. i tried to get as much detail as I could. I wanted to finish the bust with fondant clothing over the neck area and covering the pan and plate but I ran out of time and fondant. Yoda was very yummy! Everyone said it was sad to cut into him, but we went to the dark side that night. :) Hopefully I will have time soon to continue the Star Wars theme with another sculpted cake.

And if you think the head is disturbing, hit the jump to see what it looks like cut up into pieces (no, really...).

via: Great White Snark