VOTD: Last Tour Of Endor (Indiana Jones Vs. Greedo And Darth Maul?)

The final day of operation on the Star Tours ride in DisneyWorld happened during Star Wars Celebration V. LucasFilm and Star Wars fans took over the theme park and some really cool stuff happened. For instance, the Indiana Jones stunt spectacular was rewritten into a fan film which combines both of Lucas' franchises, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. The show features a bunch of cool crossover encounters, including Indiana Jones teaming up with Slave Leia to escape a booby-trapped temple, teaming up with Han Solo and Chewbacca to take on Greedo (who shoots first?) and an epic battle between Indiana Jones and Darth Maul. Seth Green, Anthony Daniels (C3PO) and a few other celebrity extras join in on the fun, and a spoiler junkie from one of the movie websites even "crashes" the party. And how do you conclude the last flight to Endor? With Darth Vader blowing up the attraction. Watch the videos after the jump.

Click below to watch a highlight package showing a bit of everything that happened:

Watch the whole Indiana Jones vs. Star Wars stunt show in the video embedded below: