Movie Trailer: The Hindi Remake Of 'Pusher'

Earlier this week while perusing the IMDB listing for Nicolas Winding Refn, I noticed that he's credited as writer on a Pusher film with a release date of 2010. The third and final Pusher film, I Am the Angel of Death, was released in 2005. Confused, I checked out some info on the film... turns out it's a UK-based, Hindi remake of Refn's original Pusher. And now there's a trailer, which should prove entertaining if you're a fan of the existing trilogy.

This looks like a very straight up, in some areas shot for shot remake of Refn's film, only transplanted to London and shot largely in Hindi.

The trailer makes it difficult to judge whether newcomer Assad Raja has managed to nail the tone of Refn's movie, which definitely wasn't a straight gangster flick. Refn's movie is more than just another post-Tarantino regurgitation of on-screen gangster worship. It had a lot more going on beneath the surface, and described a layered world in which clashes of cultures were a big part of the violent business of drug-dealing that the characters were trapped in.

The official site for this remake doesn't give me a lot of hope — it emphasizes all the typical cinema gangster crap — but maybe this one is more than it appears to be, too.