'Saw' Director James Wan To Direct Vampire Comic Book Movie Adaptation 'Nightfall'

Saw co-director/co-creator James Wan has signed on to direct, and will oversee the screenplay development of a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel Nightfall for William Stuart's Aurora Productions and Platinum Studios, Inc.

Nightfall tells the story of a man who finds out just how bad life can get when he discovers that the prison he just entered is controlled by vampires. The graphic novel was published in 2007 and written and created by Scott O. Brown with art by Ferran Xalabarder.Stuart has previously said that "Nightfall is an extraordinary opportunity to make a fantastic horror/thriller in a genre which is unbelievably hot right now.

Wan is also a very interesting case in terms of directors. He burst onto the scene with SAW at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival. It was a horror film which gave birth to three sequels and a lot of imitators, much in the way both Scream and The Ring introduced a new era of horror films. But his follow-up, Dead Silence, was virtually unseen, and much less critically acclaimed. His vigilante-revenge film Death Sentence was good, but not great. His latest film, Insidious, plays in the Midnight Madness section of the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival. He has spent the past couple years trying to get many projects off the ground, including a big screen adaptation of the video game series Castlevania. He was also in the running for Green Hornet.

via: Deadline