Peter Jackson To Announce Hobbit News Soon?

Briefly: Here we go again! With talk suggesting that MGM's financial situation is finally getting sorted out, naturally there's bound to be more conversation with respect to The Hobbit. This time it is producer and presumed director Peter Jackson talking to The Dominion Post, saying that MGM and Warner Bros. are "making progress untangling the MGM situation, so we should have certainty with The Hobbit sometime soon."

So: bottom line, this is basically "stay the course, folks, nothing much to see here." But if there was zero movement, then hopefully Jackson would just say exactly that. So this suggests some movement. Oh, how much fun it is to overthink this whole scenario.

Meanwhile, in that same article Jackson also talks a great deal about the film he'd like to make that covers the Battle of Gallipoli. The centennial anniversary of that battle will be in 2015, and Jackson suggests that would be good timing for the film. But first, he's got Tintin 2, and (we'll see) The Hobbit.

[via ComingSoon]