New Poster: Tony Scott's 'Unstoppable'

Look quick at this poster for the Tony Scott thriller Unstoppable and you might think you're staring at half an ad for the Lost movie we thought would never happen. Chris Pine has really been photographed and Photoshopped to put his best Josh Holloway forward. And Denzel Washington is probably thinking, " this the Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 poster again?" See the full image, after the break. 

IMPAwards throws this image out there, and um...why isn't there a train on it? Is 2010 America so disinterested in trains that a movie about a runaway train gets a one-sheet that doesn't even have tracks? (The sparks in the text path are obviously from the wheels as the brakes fail, but that's pretty abstract.) At least we know the film is based on a true story.

Here's the AMG synopsis of the film:

Denzel Washington and Star Trek's Chris Pine star in this action thriller from director Tony Scott. The plot surrounds two locomotive operators who team up to stop a runaway train filled with explosives. Live Free or Die Hard's Mark Bomback provides the script for the 20th Century Fox production, co-starring Rosario Dawson.