Plot Synopsis For John Stockwell's Next Film 'Roadkill'

John Stockwell is a director who has consistently disappointed me throughout his career. Stockwell showed promise with his 2001 film Crazy/Beautiful, starring Kirsten Dunst and Jay Hernandez, but has since made a series of clunkers: Blue Crush, Into the Blue and Turistas.

His last film,  Middle of Nowhere, impressed me a bit when I saw it at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. I called it a "a multi-layered coming of age story with authentic performances" but the movie was sent direct to dvd (it's definitely not something that would've played multiplexes).

His next film is an R-rated action comedy titled Roadkill. It was filmed in 2009 and does not yet have a release date/distributor. /Film read Max S sent me a plot synopsis, which you can read now after the jump.

Here is the plot synopsis for Roadkill:

Anthony always dreamed of being a famous chef. Julian only thought about women. With neither really working out, what do these childhood best friends decide to do? Start a detective agency, of course! Unfourtunately for them, their first case – to save a hot prostitute from the Russian mob and a sex crazed, murdering US Senator – puts them on the run from a ruthless, yet Mary Poppins-like assassin whose intent is to brutally torture and kill whomever is unlucky enough to get in her way. Just an average day for two clueless losers. This hilariously violent, action-comedy stars Paz Vega, Christopher McDonald, Tony Curran, Scott Mechlowicz, and DL Hughley.