VOTD: Star Wars: A Light In The Darkness - Part 1

There are so many bad Star Wars fan films that I often don't make it through the first minute of these reader submitted or posted short films. The films are often made by first time filmmakers who have never tried to shoot and put together a short film, nevermind one full of costumes, computer generated special effects, action stunt-work and compositing. I'm not saying that Fed Wetherbee's Star Wars: A Light in The Darkness is the best I've seen (it certainly isn't) but it is better than most.

Sure, it has some bad acting and cheesy voice over, but at its core, it is a short film created with heart. They might not have had the money to build Hollywood-level sets, but the minimal cardboard-constructed sets were enough to set the mood and transport me to another world. The film isn't just another excuse for another well choreographed lightsaber battle. It has a story which fits in with the canon of the Star Wars series, and tries to win you over. If it does, who knows? I'm not sure it will win everyone over, but it was enough to keep me tuned in for the entire 20 minute short film — which is saying a lot. I want to see what happens in Part 2, and hope they cut the dialogue screnes down a bit next time around. Watch the part one of the short film now embedded after the jump.

The Trailer:The Film:

A Light in the Darkness is a Star Wars fan film made purely for the love of Star Wars and the experience of making a high quality low budget film. Part One has been released and can be viewed here.


A Light in the Darkness' main action takes place approx. 1 year BBY on a small planet in the Outer Rim. A young boy watches the Jedi who saved his people be killed by the very clones who once fought by his side. Years later, as a member of a small insurgency against the empire he and his team hatch a new plan to take back their planet by drawing the attention of the newly formed rebel alliance. Armed with the fallen Jedi's light saber, he and his team battle to strike fear into the local imperial garrison, and overthrow their despotic governor. Their silent attacks give birth to a legend, and the people speak of a phantom Jedi whose spirit has returned. As the story spreads they manage to draw attention to their forgotten corner of the galaxy, but who will arrive first, the rebel alliance or the empire?


When Celebration V announced it was coming to their hometown of Orlando, FL, creators PJ Tamayo and Fed Wetherbee saw this as their catalyst. A Star Wars fan film was the perfect project to put their talents to work as well as challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone. PJ Tamayo and Fed Wetherbee met several years ago in an MMA class. After punching and kicking each other for several weeks they started talking and discovered they had similar careers and aspirations. They had been looking for a project to work on together and began working on A Light in the Darkness in early 2010. Meeting the deadline of the Atom.com Fan Movie Challenge was daunting, but they were able to finish principle photography and editing in time to release a trailer.


A Light in the Darkness' trailer was a finalist in the 2010 Fan Movie Challenge on Atom.com.