High-Res Photo: Jeff Bridges And Hailee Steinfeld In The Coen Brothers' 'True Grit'

Briefly: With festival and awards seasons coming up fast, we've got a lot of new images arriving from the fall's bumper crop of movies. (Thankfully, the lineup looks a lot more promising than the summer's was.) Not long ago we showed you the first official still from the Joel and Ethan Coen version of True Grit. Now there's a high-res version of the image that shows an eyepatched Jeff Bridges as marshall 'Rooster' Cogburn and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross.

The film, which is a new and reportedly more faithful take on the Charles Portis novel than was the fan-favorite John Wayne version, opens on December 25. That's as good a present as I think I'll get this year. What could be better than a Coen Brothers Western? Full image after the break; click it to get the full-size version.