Scott Pilgrim: Lucas Lee's Fake Movie Posters

The only time I can recall seeing this much attention paid to the ancillary, in-world minutiae of a movie's universe was with Judd Apatow's Funny People, which had a similarly-themed assortment of movie poster parodies. Also similarly, it bombed at the box office, much like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World did this past weekend.

That's OK though. The Expendables may have kicked its ass over the course of three days, but that movie will vanish from the minds of moviegoers within a couple of years (at most), while Scott Pilgrim will retain a following for decades to come.

Until then, those that have seen and loved the film can admire all the work that went into creating such a fully realized world, as seen in these movie posters featuring actor/skater/evil-ex-boyfriend Lucas Lee. Check them out—along with comparisons to their generic Hollywood poster brethren—after the break.

Empire has the posters; head over there to see them full-size.

Below you'll find the Lucas Lee posters on the left, and I've also included actual movie posters on the right to highlight how perfectly they capture the banality of studio marketing.


Note how Lucas Lee's face is plastered at least twice on all but one of the posters. I'd guess this was done mostly out of necessity, since Lee is the only actor in the film, but it adds to their hilarity nonetheless.

I also love the taglines on these (Action Doctor: "The good news is you're going to live. The bad news is he's going to kill you."), all of which are brilliant in their to-the-point mockery. This is especially true of this fifth poster, for which I wasn't able to find a legit Hollywood movie poster counterpoint. Perhaps you guys will have more luck. Post your findings in the comments below.