Sequel Talk: Black Dynamite 2 And Salt 2

Do you want a sequel to Salt? Opinion on the film is decidedly mixed, but without (it seems) a lot of middle ground. I've talked to people who like the movie a lot, and dislike it a lot, which might be good enough response to earn a sequel. The film has earned $166m worldwide so far — not a huge return on the $110m production budget, but it's an Angelina Jolie movie. There's still money to be made there.

The LA Times says that writer Kurt Wimmer has a sequel idea and that director Phillip Noyce is reportedly interested in a return, as is Angelina Jolie. But the talk seems pretty speculative. Jolie has possible films (Maleficent, the nascent Kay Scarpetta series) and Noyce has possibles like Wenceslas Square and Dirt Music, but nothing firmed up. So if Sony decides it really wants things to be Saltier, then don't be surprised to see all involved take the easy plunge.

After the break, more theoretical sequel talk as Michael Jai White drops a little Black Dynamite 2 dirt.

Back when director Scott Sanders and star Michael Jai White were promoting Black Dynamite on the film's cross-country trek for the film's US theatrical release, the pair talked up possible sequels to the blaxploitation parody. Now that the film is finally hitting some territories outside the states, Michael Jai White is...still talking potential sequels.

White told The Mirror (via FSR) "I've had the idea for Black Dynamite 2 for quite a while now, and it's gonna start where Black Dynamite left off – there's lots of things we didn't get a chance to do in the first one...You know how Black Dynamite just grows in ridiculousness? Well, this will be a fitting sequel."

Which is all well and good; the question is, will the thing get funded? The talk seemed pretty speculative before audiences had been given a chance to see the film. And while those who've seen it seem to love it, the movie isn't a big moneymaker — it seems to be well under a million bucks in terms of gross. As the film permeates cable and Netflix it will no doubt gain a broader audience, but will that justify spending money on another film? I'd love to see it, but I'm not holding my breath.