Geek Deal: Get Two Bonus Tracks From The Inception Score

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Count me in as one of the many who loved Hans Zimmer's score for Inception. While not as "hummable" as some of his other work, the way it establishes mood and intensity is so sublime that I plan on listening to this one on my iPod for quite some time.

Are you a fan too? Either way, you can now download two free bonus tracks from the film's score. Hit the jump to get the details.

This deal comes courtesy of the fine folks over at Nolan Fans. To get the tracks, go to and submit your e-mail address. After that, you'll be given a link to download the two new tracks, "Projection," and "Don't Think About Elephants." For the anal retentive among you (i.e. people like me), the tracks are even numbered 13 and 14, so you can easily slide them into your Inception soundtrack folder. I've listened to the tracks and there's not that much new here (mostly just variations on themes and motifs heard in all the other tracks) but you really can't beat the price.

Below, you'll find one of my favorite tracks from the soundtrack. You can buy the score for Inception on Amazon or on iTunes. But to be honest, I'd actually recommending holding off on this purchase for awhile. Something that occurs to me while watching Inception is that the 50-minute long CD can't possibly account for all the music heard in the 2.5-hour long film. I'm holding off for a Collector's edition, similar to the one released for The Dark Knight. The latter included many hard-to-find tracks that were previously unavailable on the original score that was released. I'm hoping the same thing will be done for Hans Zimmer's Inception work as well, especially given the film has already crossed half a billion dollars worldwide (and thank goodness for that).