Early Buzz: Jackass 3D

At Comic-Con, Paramount Pictures screened 8-minutes of Jackass 3D (watch our video blog here, trailer here) and I called it "a theme park experience but with poop and pee." I know I hurt from laughing after only 8 minutes, and I believe it takes the gimmicky nature of 3D to the extreme. The cast and crew screening of the movie was held over the weekend, and the buzz has hit the web thanks to a few select tweets on twitter. Hit the jump to find out what people are saying about the film.

Paul Scheer: Just saw JACKASS 3D it has everything u never wanted to see in 3D & things you can't even imagine. I mean that in the best possible wayJon Daly: Jackass 3-D Tonight. Amazing and unbelievable. It makes you feel every human emotion- elation, anger, sadness, happiness, and fear. Hilarious.Rick Thorne (Black on Black): Just got back from the cast and crew screening of Jackass 3D sick fucking movie I love the Jackass crew.Matt Meyerson: Jackass 3D was so funny my head hurts from laughingRJ Ryan: Saw (and loved) JACKASS 3D tonight with cast, crew and Kimmell...gentlemen, you have a hit on your hands. #highfive #superglue