VOTD: Adult Swim's 'Scott Pilgrim Vs The Animation'

A week ago we brought you the first look at Scott Pilgrim vs the Animation, a short flashback to the early days of Scott Pilgrim's life, as produced by [adult swim]. Now the entire short is online, and you can see it embedded below.

To recap what the short is about:

Early in the second volume of the graphic novel series, we get a flashback to Scott's high school career, where he meets Lisa Miller, who has a minor part in the fourth book, and Kim Pine, who eventually becomes the drummer in Scott's band Sex Bob-Omb. (We see a different recollection of this scene in the recently-released sixth volume, but that's something that remains exclusively on the page.)

This short animates the volume 2 flashback, and as you can see, is based very much on the art of Bryan Lee O'Malley. As in the film (released today; read Adam's review here) Michael Cera plays Scott, Allison Pill plays Kim, and two other actors switch things up, playing different roles here than in the movie. Mae Whitman plays Lisa and Jason Schwartzman plays Simon Lee.