Cynical Inception Infographic

There have been a lot of Infographics going around the web trying to explain the complexities of Christopher Nolan's Inception. Talk about ineption (see, I knew I'd find a way to use it today!).

As with Nolan's The Dark Knight, or any other film with way too much praise, a backlash has begun. And while I don't agree that Inception is a masterpiece, it is one of the best films released this year (right now in my top two or three). But high praise draws out the packs of contrarians. Designer Graham Scott tweeted the above cynical infographic (found via: Bleeding Cool) as a response to the buzz, acclaim and other inforgraphics trying to explains the how, when's, who's and why's.

See the whole infographic after the jump, and let Scott know what you think in the comments below.