Tarzan To Be Animated Again, This Time In 3D (But Not By Disney)

A new adaptation of Tarzan, the classic adventure story by Edgar Rice Burroughs, is swinging into action. (That'll be the only vine pun, I promise.) The German outfit Constantin Films is prepping a 3D animated version of the story. Constantin recently bought rights to all the Burroughs Tarzan novels; one might guess that the first book, Tarzan of the Apes, will be the launching pad for this film.

Details are thin at this point; Robert Kulzer (Resident Evil: Afterlife and The Three Musketeers) is producing with Reinhard Klooss, and the adaptation is planned as an English-language film. There's no writer or director yet, and given the fact that this is animation, we can at least guess that Kulzer's current directorial partner Paul W.S. Anderson won't be chosen to helm. So just consider this very advanced word that the Burroughs legacy is to be plundered once more. Sadly, it probably won't look anything like the Frank Frazetta image above. [Variety]