LOL: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World TV Spot Aims For A Wider Audience

Despite critical and audience acclaim coming out of the surprise screening at Comic-Con, we've heard that some people still don't want to see Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Not because it doesn't look good, but because audiences have grown tired of Michael Cera (but yet, they don't mind that Bill Murray plays the same character in almost every film). Cera's face is even missing from the the film's posters, as Pilgrim is jamming out with his head down. Many have wondered if this was a calculated move by Universal Pictures, or if it is just a coincidence. /Film reader ????????????? ? has found a new television spot marketed towards mainstream audiences that has us convinced it was definitely a calculated decision. Watch this new television spot after the jump.

And yes, of course, the above tv spot is not real. It was not produced by Universal. It was fan created by ????????????? ?.