Movie Trailer: I Spit On Your Grave

It's a weird world when you can go to the main page for Yahoo Movies and find an image proclaiming the trailer premiere for I Spit on Your Grave. The original film, released in 1978, was controversial for explicitly depicting rape and a series of violently vengeful repercussions. It's one of the ultimate exploitation movies, a film that is known by reputation by far more people than have actually seen the thing. Now there's a remake, and the first full trailer is below.

I'll say this: the trailer (in HD at Yahoo) promises an uncompromising film, and the footage implies that this remake delivers. Even without directly showing a great deal of violence (which the film reportedly does not shy away from) you see an image like the one above and know everything you need to know, right off.

Is that a good thing? I really don't know. I'll defend the original movie; as a product of a specific time and place it serves a purpose. But to take the same thing and redo it in a way that looks very faithful to the original — not sure what the point is. (This from someone who loves both versions of Funny Games, but this movie and Funny Games are very different things.) At least the trailer doesn't try to sell the movie based on the ass of star Sarah Butler. The one-sheet does, which has raised the ire of a few people.

And while I'll still back the original film, my appetite for stuff like this is definitely changing as I get older. I doubt I'll be able to resist the curiosity factor here, and based on reviews of the film like the one at Twitch, perhaps it'll be a valuable experience.

Here's the official synopsis:

Writer Jennifer Hills takes a retreat from the city to a charming cabin in the woods to start on her next book. But Jennifer's presence in the small town attracts the attention of a few morally deprived locals who set out one night to teach this city girl a lesson. They break into her cabin to scare her. However, what starts out as terrifying acts of humiliation and intimidation, quickly and uncontrollably escalates into a night of physical abuse and torturous assault. But before they can kill her, Jennifer sacrifices her broken and beaten body to a raging river that washes her away. As time passes, the men slowly stop searching for her body and try to go back to life as usual. But that isn't about to happen. Against all odds, Jennifer Hills survived her ordeal. Now, with hell bent vengeance, Jennifer's sole purpose is to turn the tables on these animals and to inflict upon them every horrifying and torturous moment they carried out on her... only much, much worse.

And the trailer. Which, even for a trailer, is pretty brutal. It isn't wildly explicit, but might be NSFW, depending on your environment.