Movie Trailer: Jackass 3D

Paramount Pictures has released the first movie trailer for Jackass 3D. We caught a sneak preview of footage from the film at Comic Con (watch our video blog here) and called it "a theme park experience but with poop and pee." I know I hurt from laughing after only 8 minutes, and I believe it takes the gimmicky nature of 3D to the extreme. Watch the trailer, in boring old 2D, embedded after the jump. And while you might think I'm kidding — trust me, this trailer plays a lot funnier in three dimensions.

Thanks to /Film reader Zach K for the tip.


The funniest part of the press release announcing the project was a quote from Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, who claims that with Jackass 3D, "We're going to take the same 3D technology James Cameron used in AVATAR and stick it up Steve O's butt. We're taking stupid to a whole new dimension."

Although I doubt they will be using any of performance capture, and especially not the technology that Cameron helped engineer. It is also doubtful that they will be using the Pace 3D camera system that Cameron co-created, as it is just too heavy and difficult for an on the run mobile production. I'm sure the new Jackass sequel will employ a new consumer 3d handheld like the unnamed Panasonic "3D Full HD" camcorder which was announced at NAB 2009 (photo below).

The release also confirms that Jeff Tremaine returns as director, and that Spike Jonze is again producing. The films is now scheduled the hit theater on October 15th 2010.

Jackass 3D Teaser Poster: