Interactive Movie Trailer: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I'm not normally one to be taken in by gimmicky marketing tactics, but this interactive trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (via Yahoo!) is legitimately fascinating, and a fittingly creative way to sell the film's atypical style. It's loaded with behind-the-scenes videos, audio commentary by co-writer/director Edgar Wright, comic book comparisons, trailer soundtrack info, and an assortment of other cool tidbits and easter eggs. Check it out after the break.

Let me save you the hassle of clicking endlessly to find all the hidden goodies and point out that you can just skip to the end of the trailer and click 'Reveal All'. Then just scroll through the selection toward the bottom, and click the links. If you want to know what part of the trailer each item is referencing, click just outside of the link. There are also a bunch of film clips and downloads for things like desktop wallpapers available at the top, under 'Achievements'.

I suspect much of what's featured here will be available in the special features when the films hits DVD and Blu-ray, but nonetheless, this is a fun way to reward obsessive geeks like myself who are eager to soak in all the weird little details Edgar Wright has injected into the film. If there are this many subtle additions to be noted from just the trailer, I can't even imagine how much more there are to be found in the full movie. Maybe when I see the film for the third time next week, I'll finally spot the two seconds of that damn Queen song that's apparently in it.