Rumor: Quentin Tarantino To Direct 'The Shadow'?

Briefly: Take this one as more a subject for discussion than anything else at this point, but there's a rumor (via Pajiba) that Quentin Tarantino is in talks to direct the new movie incarnation of classic pulp crime character The Shadow.

This is a project that has been around for a while, and was passed from Sony to Fox not long ago. Sam Raimi was attached to direct for some time, and recently there was a rumor that David Slade would helm the film. (Slade denied it.) Pajiba says the film is now out for a rewrite, and that Tarantino is attached to co-write and direct.

On one hand, that seems like a difficult idea to believe, in part because Tarantino and Fox seem to go together like oil and water. But perhaps Robert Rodriguez, who seems to have found a new home at the studio, has been whispering in QT's ear. But I could see Tarantino doing fun things with The Shadow, and as he's talked about wanting to make a sort of period crime piece, this could be a way to do that quickly. So discuss: how does the idea of a QT Shadow sound?

[Shadow art above via Pop Art Machine]