Captain America: Hydra Logo Revealed

Briefly: This is a pretty small tidbit, but I know that after positive word came out from the Captain America presentation at Comic Con there are a lot of people hungry for every little detail about the movie. So have a logo for the villainous organization HYDRA. In Marvel comics continuity, the cabal is the enemy of SHIELD, the organization headed by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).

At Comic Con, Captain America director Joe Johnston mentioned that Hugo Weaving's character The Red Skull is working with HYDRA as well as with the Nazis, which fits in with the established Marvel Universe history. And during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Johnston displayed his phone, which is adorned with the HYDRA logo. (I don't have a link for the EW interview; this info comes by way of CBM.) The logo looks almost exactly like the one from the comics, but my understanding is that this one is specific to the film. Read more about HYRDA, and theorize about how it and offshoot AIM might fit into future Marvel movies. (Because you know that is happening.)