Henry Cavill Cast In 'The Cold Light Of Day,' From The Director Of JCVD

A lot of people might not recognize the name Mabrouk El Mechri, but I bet a lot of you recognize the name of his last film: JCVD. He's finally about to follow up that film with a kidnapping thriller called The Cold Light of Day, which was announced earlier this year. And he's got Henry Cavill from The Tudors along for the ride.

THR says the plot follows "a cocky young Wall Street trader who reluctantly vacations with his family in Spain. When his family is kidnapped, he is thrust into a government conspiracy and must unravel his father's darkest secret in order to save his loved ones."

The script was originally written by Scott Wiper and John Petro, and Richard Price is doing a last 'production pass' on the recent draft. That's the Richard Price who wrote novels including Clockers and was a writer on The Wire, so let's count that as an awesome addition to the creative team. I don't expect Price is making major structural changes to the script, but hopefully he can add enough to the dialogue that the script will go beyond the fairly boilerplate-sounding premise.

Cavill was recently cast in Tarsem's Immortals, but this role will count as his first real leading feature gig. Not really having seen The Tudors, my familiarity with Cavill is based primarily on his minor appearances in Stardust and Whatever Works. I've seen Hellraiser: Hellworld, which had him in a larger role, but I've tried to forget it.

Still I'm a fan of JCVD, so I'm curious to see what El Mechri can do without having Van Damme around. (I haven't seen any of the director's previous stuff, so if there are recommendations for films to catch, please post 'em in the comments.)