New Photos: Rainn Wilson And Liv Tyler In James Gunn's 'Super'

I'd been looking forward to seeing footage from James Gunn's strange low-fi superhero movie Super, and Comic Con provided the goods. I really liked what I saw; Gunn has come up with a no-frills, low-budget approach that lets him play with some characters that are possibly quite sick and twisted. It's the world of underround comics come to movie form, without all the overhead of a big studio film.

Now we've got the first photo of Rainn Wilson as the film's 'hero,' The Crimson Bolt, and a snap of Wilson and his on-screen wife, Liv Tyler.

James Gunn posted these images, and had this to say about the film:

SUPER is a VERY low-budget film made as a labor of love by all involved – as I said at the panel, everyone on the film, from me, to all of the actors, to the composer Tyler Bates, are all working on the film for the lowest amount the guilds allow. Yes, I know, there have been other films that are superficially the same as ours, movies about real people becoming superheroes – including some very good ones. But ours is the first that, although funny, focuses first and foremost on the emotions of the characters involved. It is a dark, gritty, violent, no-hold-barred independent film that is, I promise you, not at all what you expect.

Rainn Wilson plays a guy who marries Liv Tyler, who he thinks is the woman of his dreams. But she starts messing around with a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon) which causes Wilson to snap and become The Crimson Bolt. He teams up with a sociopathic teenager (Ellen Page) and fights crime and irritation.

For more, check out Adam's great recap of the footage and Comic Con panel; you can also watch some of the panel below.