Brett Ratner Acquires Comic 'The Unknowns'

Brett Ratner's Rat Entertainment has acquired the feature film adaptation rights to the Femme Fatales Comics series The Unknowns. According to Variety, Ratner will produce, but no director or screenwriter has yet been hired for the project.

The comic was created by Mark A. Altman (DOA: Dead Or Alive), Steve Kriozere and model/actress Monica Olsen (of whom the comic's main character's appearance is based on — see above in costume). The series follows an ordinary woman named Alexis Davenport, who discovers she was actually once the highly skilled and deadly leader of a mysterious team called The Unknowns. She must uncover the secrets of why her memories were erased and by who is responsible. More information after the jump.

Here is the official description from the publisher:

What is Known...

Created under a still classified executive order from Richard Nixon, the original Unknowns were designed to support the war effort in Vietnam. The program was eventually disbanded under President Jimmy Carter and that was the end of the story. Or was it?

What is Unknown...

They are outsiders and except for a small group of people, no one knows of their existence. But one of the world's best kept secrets is about to be exposed when one of their own, left for dead, returns to seek out the secret of her own identity.

Meet the beautiful, but deadly ALEXIS DAVENPORT (starring Monica Olsen as Alexis)as she discovers that nothing is what it appears to be and that she is at the heart of a global conspiracy which will shake the foundations of everything you think you know.